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Sustainablity Consulting

The LEED Accredited Professionals at Dulohery Weeks are thoroughly familiar with the LEED certification rating tools and the principals and methods utilized in designing sustainable facilities. LEED Certification is a requirement of a significant number of today's building design projects. We expect LEED Certification or some other form of sustainability certification to become a requirement on the majority of building projects in the near future. The professionals at Dulohery Weeks have fully embraced sustainable design and incorporate sustainable design features in all projects, even those not officially seeking LEED Certification.

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  • LEED Consulting for MEP prerequisites and credits

  • Energy Modeling for LEED Compliance

  • Sustainable Design of Building Systems for projects seekingLEEDCertification

  • LEED Commissioning (Fundamental and Enhanced)

  • LEED Online Documentation

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