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Our mechanical engineers are experienced designing high-performance heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for buildings of all types, from hospitals and complex research centers to community buildings, sports facilities and corporate workplaces. Beyond designing HVAC systems, we design central utility plants, and continually look for opportunities to integrate and automate our client’s building controls systems to deliver more ROI.

The practice of mechanical engineering at Dulohery Weeks encompasses a wide range of design services primarily related to buildings and building associated utility systems.

  • Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners

  • Chillers / Boilers / Piping

  • Cooling Towers / Heat Exchangers

  • Economizers / Energy Recovery

  • Central Energy Plants

  • Underground Utility Piping

  • Convertors / Steam Piping

  • Pumps / Water Treatment

  • Geothermal / VRFZ

  • Air Handling Units

  • Air Terminal Units

  • Fan Coil Units

  • Air Filters / Air Treatment

  • Ductwork / Air Distribution

  • General Exhaust

  • Vehicle Exhaust

  • Welding Exhaust

  • Paint Booth Exhaust

  • Kitchen Hoods

  • Utility Distribution Systems

  • Data Room HVAC

  • Clean Room HVAC

  • Health Care HVAC

  • Laboratory HVAC

  • Natatorium HVAC

  • Industrial HVAC

  • Humidification Systems

  • Demand Control Ventilation

  • Testing and Balancing

  • Energy Management and Controls

  • Evaluation of Existing Systems

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