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Energy Modeling

Dulohery Weeks has been involved in the design and evaluation of complex energy savings measures at various types of facilities for many years. Energy Modeling is an integral part of the process of evaluating the performance and economic feasibility of various systems within buildings. Dulohery Weeks has performed a large number of Life Cycle Cost Analyses and energy performance studies using LCCID and various energy modeling software packages, including Carrier HAP, Trane TRACE, E-Quest, RETScreen, BLAST and Energy PRO. The process of energy modeling is not a simple process of inputting information into software models and pushing the button. Obtaining a realistic evaluation of energy performance also requires extensive knowledge of how mechanical and electrical systems work and the pitfalls to be avoided in producing an accurate estimate of energy performance. The professionals performing Energy Modeling studies are also seasoned design professionals, with extensive experience in the design of the systems being modelled.

  • Energy Modeling for Building Code Compliance

  • Energy Modeling for LEED Compliance

  • IRS Section 179D (EPAct) Tax Deduction Studies

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  • EPAct Studies for Government Building Compliance

  • Economic Evaluation of Energy Saving Measures

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