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Our engineers are skilled at designing the plumbing and piping systems that are essential for all building types. In addition to designing water and sanitary systems, we design complex systems for pressurized gasses and vacuums, as well as the systems required for fire protection safety. Fully committed to helping clients reduce water consumption, we harness innovative methods to minimize domestic water use and reduce costs.

The plumbing engineering professionals at Dulohery Weeks have a wide range of design experience.

  • Water Conservation

  • Domestic Water Heaters

  • Solar Water Heaters

  • Soil, Waste and Vent Systems

  • Roof Drain Systems

  • Rain Water Harvesting

  • Natural and LP Gas Systems

  • Medical Gas Systems

  • Laboratory Gas Systems

  • Vacuum Systems

  • Acid Waste Systems

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Fuel Storage and Dispensing

  • Oil Storage and Dispensing

  • Backflow Prevention

  • Grease Traps

  • Oil/Water Separators

  • Evaluation of Existing Systems

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