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SPCA Albrecht Center

for Animal Wellfare

Aiken, South Carolina

Occupancy Date: September 2012

Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build

Project Area: 23,000 sf

Project Cost: $4,000,000

Description: Mechanical design of a geothermal heat pump HVAC system with multiple individual geothermal heat pumps connected to a closed

loop vertical bore geothermal heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger consists of four (4) separate

loops with a total of 42 bores. Bore depth is 300 ft

at 27.5 ft spacing both ways. Pumping system is variable flow. The HVAC system is 100% outdoor air with enthalply energy recovery. Total load is 66 tons.

Architect: Blue Sky Animal Care Architecture

MEP: Dulohery Weeks

Contractor: R.W. Allen, LLC